E  b  i  '  s     E  m  p  i  r  e

Designs (Customs) für AIBO's

Lackierung Sonderfarbe (Painting Custom Color)

Preise auf Anfrage  Prices on request




Rosé Metallic with Silver Inlays
Ice Blue Metallic with Silver Inlays
Iron Man Style (Red Metallic with Gold Apps)
Avocado Metallic with Silver Inlays

Anthracite Metallic with Silver Inlays
Silver/Graphit Metallic


The first real black sesame (dyed)
Dyed in blue
Dyed in pink
Dyed in Purpur with also Purpur Faceplate
Dyed in Light Blue with Blue Metallic Faceplate
Painted in Silver Metallic
Painted in Rosé Metallic
Painted in bumble bee design

Faceplate painted in white with sparkles
Faceplate painted in rosé metallic

ERS-7 Ohren mit Schriftzug (Ears with lettering)

Wie schon bei den Ersatzteilen erwähnt biete ich auch Ohren mit dem Namen eures Lieblings an :-)

As mentioned in the parts I also offer the ears with lettering by the name of your AIBO ;-)


Aibo Schriftzug

AIBO Logo passend zum ERS-1000 (zweifarbig)

AIBO Logo matching to the ERS-1000 (two colored)


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